Well, like most every race team that is out there, you need some
way to get around the pits.  The pit vehicles of choice range from
pedal bicycles, to scooters, to four wheelers.  The DND Racing
team opted for a golf cart.

We started out with a normal golf cart, but like a lot of stuff we do,
we had to over do it.  The "normal" golf cart was traded in for the
wazoo golf cart that is pictured to the left.

The cart is a 2000 club car gas golf cart.  It has a suspension lift,
custom wheels and tires, and an AM/FM CD stereo system.  The
golf club holders were replaced in favor of a cargo bed, that flips
to a seat.  A roof, with rear view mirror, carbon fiber dash, and
custom steering wheel round out the finishing touches.

Like everything else we own, we can't leave well enough alone.  
In the works (after the cars are together, so pretty much never)
are a decal set to match the vehicles (concept pictured soon),
custom horn system, and other goodies, so check back to the
Cart X page to see what;s new.