Ahh, the crew chief, the "brains" of the operation, which is scary, we know!  
He is also a lot of the pocket book, making the whole thing possible.

Dave is also a 30 something engineer who works in the auto industry.  
Actually he started out working for AMC, which is where the whole Gremlin X
stuff came from.  Now working for Daimler Chrysler, and waiting on
retirement, so he can do this racing stuff more often (a great story isn't it?  
Who doesn't want to retire in their 30's!!!), you can see the attraction
towards racing a Mopar AND an AMC.

Much like his driver, Dave learns a new way to loose at the track, most every
event, and learns from the loss, and improves in the process.  He has the
hard job, of taking in all the conditions (track, weather, wind, driver) and
trying to figure out what the vehicles are going to run, and come up with our
dial in.  95% of the time, he is quite good at this, but that 5% is all you need
to start your trip down the return road, knowing you need to start loading up
to head home.

Also a sports fan, but not a junkee like the driver, when not at the track,
Dave is usually "farting around" the DND Racing headquarters in southeast
Michigan.  Chances are good if he isn't in the shop, he is somewhere in the
back 40 on his tractor.