DND Racing is a small family racing hobby based in Southeast Michigan.  It
primarily consists of the father (Dave) who handles the crew chief duties,
and the 1st born son (Dan) who does the driving.  Additional help comes
from the 2nd born (Nick...and his family) and the real boss (ma...Libby) to
keep things afloat so we can do this and have so much fun.  Additional help
also comes from the many friends and colleagues we have, whom without,
none of this would be possible.  Actually it maybe possible, just it would cost
a lot more, take a lot longer, or actually not happen at all, so I guess it
wouldn't be possible.

Starting back who knows when, with the purchase, build, sale, trade, of
numerous vehicles (check out Other X) something was always in various
stages of apart in the garage since as long as this author can remember.  In
around 1999, things got serious with the 1972 Gremlin that was being
converted into a straight line racer.  The car was built as a street/strip car,
but almost instantly became a race car only.  With the exception of driving
down Fort street from the Detroit Autorama to the trailer, the car has never
seen the street.

The first full season was 2000, and despite all the red lights, break outs,
busted knuckles, late night thrashes, drained pocket books, and lack of free
time, it has been a blast, and DND hasn't looked back

From the Gremlin, the network grew, and now we decided we needed to go
class racing in the NHRA, so that is what started the build of the Dakota X.

So we will see what happens, and see where things lead us next.