DND Racing Report #3 

                                                                        June, 2005     

June 15, 2005 – Final Build(?)

This report finds the DND Race Team with much anticipation to run the newly assembled AMC engine in the Gremlin X for the first time. Report #2 told the story of the initial assembly, the aborted dyno run, and the subsequent re-work of the valve train.

Following successful run in on the shop engine stand, engine installation was carefully undertaken.

Thanks for the help of long time friend and SCCA racer, Jim McIntosh. Yea, I know, not a straight line guy, but a good friend nonetheless. I tell the SCCA guys, that if they got time to turn right & left, they’re going too slow!

Well, Jim helped put the engine back in the car. When he arrived at the shop around 9:00AM, , he heard the engine run on the stand. When he left at 5:00PM, the engine was in the car with the trans partially secured to the engine.

 I swear, it will never be that difficult again.

Something will change, fabricated engine mounts, engine plate, something. AMC “bottomed decked” these things. Going in from the top and getting the engine mounts to line up in the crossmemeber slots is “difficult”. Liberal application of the swear wrench is definitely called for.

Anyway, we missed the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green. From what I hear it was better than 2004!

Maybe next year!!!!

June 18 – 19, 2005

Dan & I finish up the engine/trans installation.

The engine fired up instantly, a good sign.

Dan takes the Grem for a quick cruise up & down our wonderful dirt road.

All is ready for the first pass.

June 21, 2005.

The first day of summer!

We are fortunate enough to have been inviited to a day of “fun racing” at our local track Milan Drag Way. This is the annual EATON Corporation, Day at the drags. All kinds of motorcycles, race cars, “factory experimental street cars” and “daily drivers” show up. It’s a corporate hospitality day at its best.

The day consists of time trials though-out the morning, dinner at 5:00PM(free food too!) then “Bracket races” for a trophy in the evening.

Dan & I do a last minute check and head to the staging line.

It’s a good feeling to see the Grem at the track once again!

We decide the first pass should be a part throttle launch, and conservative shift points.

This is like kinda watching your child take their first ride on the bicycle without training wheels. You know they’ll ride the bike, but you don’t know how far they’ll go before they “fall down”. The Grem passes its first test with flying colors. Everything works, nothing leaks, rattles, shakes, knocks, or pings. Next pass, we’ll “drop the hammer”.


First Full Pass

Dan decides this first pass will be the traditional “foot brake launch”. Ironically, he can only obtain 2700ROM for the launch. The Grem leaves the line “slowly”. 60 ft’ time was a dismal 1.8162 seconds and the ET was 11.625 sec. Not what we wanted but the car / engine ran great.

We look at the plugs and take the carb jets down by four sizes , both primary & secondary.

Second Pass

Next pass shows an improved 60 ft time to 1.800 sec. and an ET of 11.58 sec. Directionally correct.

Our plan is to get the most we can and switch to the AMSOIL Synthetic engine oil. We already have AMSOIL in the trans & axle. Our experience on the dyno from previous builds shows us data that has a 10HP increase with nothing more than a switch to great synthetic motor oil.

Third Pass

This time we change the shift points and use the trans barke. 60 ft time drops to 1.7548sec, and theET drops to 11.375sec.!

This is a 0.3 sec change with just tuning. Still the launch RPM won’t go above 2700RPM.

First Round Elimination

We draw a motorcycle , commonly called a “crotch rocket”. Dan launches the Grem, best it will do today, 1.805 seconds for a 60ft time.

He actually beats the motorcycle. Hey, it’s just for fun, but we go to round two.

Second Round

We jet the carb down another 4 sizes, cause the air is changing big time. Weather is coming in!

This time we draw a nice Camero driven by a good bracket racer named Joe Smith.

Joe dials a 10.25 sec. to our 11.36 sec. dial. We get a big head start!

Dan launches the Grem again, this time a 1.747sec, 60 foot time. His reaction time is a very decent 0.089 seconds. Best of the day!

Joe must have been really tense, because he turned on the “red bulb”.

The Grem cruises to a second round win at 11.329 sec.!

Then the rains came and our day was over.

Many thanks to EATON Corp for a great day at the track.

We’ll have to save the AMSOIL experiment for next time.

Next Steps

Obviously, we have a problem with the transmission and/or torque converter.

The trans & torq conv. are already removed.

The trans will be checked out by Donato Engineering and the trans by Coan engineering, week of July 5th.

We’ll be back on the track in no time, hopefully with better results.

Until next time,

Keep the revs up.


Dave Perrine

DND Racing.