Well, this racing stuff was so much fun, we decided we needed to double all
the aggravation, travel, money, etc (thought I just said this was fun) and
build another vehicle.

The culprit was a wrecked Dakota that we decided we were going to go
NHRA stocker racing with.  We figured since we had the truck, had the 360
(that could legally go in it, thanks to the Dakota RT that Daimler Chrysler
offered) the rest was putting it together.

We started on this endeavor in November of 2003, and have been working
on it pretty steadily ever since then.  When it is completed, this page will be
updated to reflect a completion date.  Hopefully this one goes a little qicker
than the 10 years or so it took to build the Gremlin X.

That's really about it, more or less fell into this one, and it doesn't have the
rich history that the Gremlin X does, but you might expect that with a Gremlin
vs a Dakota.  I guess the only funny story would be that the truck spent the
first part of it's trailer days in an enclosed trailer.  The first time it was loaded
onto an open car trailer, it was realized that the hood latch was broken, and
the hood flew up and smacked the windshield, damaging the hood and the
roof, and cracking the windshield, all of which added to the to do list during
the initial build of the Dakota X.