Spring 2003...how she sat when
we first got her.
Nov 2003...out with the stock stuff.
Nov 2003...next on the inside, this
shot just after dash removal.
Jan 2004...frame gets a fresh coat
of paint.
Dec 2003...and the body comes
Dec 2003...removal of the box
from the frame.
Feb 2004...shot with the body
back in position.  Now you can
start to see how this thing is going
to set.
Feb 2004...here is a shot of the
frame with enough on it so we can
roll it out of the way.
Feb 2004...now we start bolting
stuff back to the frame.  Shot here
of the lower control arm, steering
rack, and if you look way to the
back, you will see a disc brake.
Aug 2004...overview shot of a lot
going on.  Axle housing is
complete with shock mounts in the
foreground.  Background shows
drive shaft hoop and tranny cross