01/05...Close up of the gauges, utilizing the
radion spot, and the airbag panel.  We know
the driver can't see the ones way on the right,
that's why we put the volt gauge, and the oil
temp gauge there.  Shouldn't need that
imformation while racing somebody!
01/05...Shot of the dash board being "worked
on".  Check back soon for some shots of the
headers, rear axle, transmission cross
member, and electrical hardware that we've
been working on but forgot to bring pictures
back from the shop to post on the web...sorry!
04/05 Quick overview of the dash after installation and gages in place.  The
seats are also in place that you can't really see in this picture.  We've already
got the yellow tape on the steering wheels, since we know it will jerk the front
tires in the air just like the Gremlin!!!!

Man you do one wheel stand...
11/05 Well, it has been a while, but not 6
months!!!  Here is a shot of the relay location
for the water pump and fan, so to be added is
a relay for the headlight (yes, there will be a
working headlight so we can see late night in
the pits.  This shot is really to show that we
actually got something done.
11/05 Shot of the rear roll pan that shows the
battery box, on/off switch and the charging
terminals (negative side added since press).  
You can also see the roll pan installation.
11/05 Shot where it actually looks like a truck
again with the fenders on and the radiator
support on.