The driver, also is the oldest son of the crew chief, this being the sole
reason he landed the driving job, because it sure isn't based on his talent,
also handles a lot of the mechanical duties of the race team (as well as
keeping up this site).  The crew chief, driver, and many close friends of the
operation know that as soon as Dan starts racking up some event wins, he is
going to flee this "team" for a real racing operation...which means probably

Dan is a 30 something engineer who works in the automotive industry.  
Although he has only been racing since 2000, he has grown up around cars
his whole life, having been born to a gear head, and a mother who didn't
care that she married one.  Getting into cars and racing is a genetic disease
that can skip some generations.  Dan wasn't fortunate enough to have it skip

Still searching for consistent lights, and learning how to drive on the top end,
Dan has yet to win an event, and continues to learn a new way to loose
every time he goes out on the track, getting better in the process.  The more
races he drives in, the more rounds he goes.

When not at the shop or the track (never) Dan is a sports junkee, and huge
baseball fan.  (Go Tigers...unfortunately)  Luckily so is the crew chief, so if
you stop by the shop in the summer time, chances are good a ball game is
on the TV.