It all started in 1980 when the Gremlin X was purchased for the 390 that was
originally in the car.  The crew chief wanted the 390 for a
little project vehicle
he was thinking about working on, keep in mind the current driver is 6 years
old at this time.  After a few trips to "downtown" Pinckney, and some issues
from local law enforcement officers with running in "downtown" Pinckney with
open headers, the 390 was removed, and the rolling Gremlin X was sold.  
(Note: the car was
really a factory Gremlin X with a 304 and a 4-speed.  It
had just over 17,000 original miles on it when we decided to morph it into a
race car)

The car was re-purchased again in 1993 for reasons unknown, other than it
was up for sale, and we didn't want it going to just anybody that would decide
it would be "different" to run a Gremlin with a small block Chevy in it.  This
time the car had a 401 in it.  The car was driven, broke, and after a cam
shaft replacement, was sitting in our collection.

After a trip to a PA race track in the
project car mentioned above that the
Gremlin X was originally purchased for (follow all this?), the crew chief's
better half asked, "What would it take for us to go racing all the time?  This is
much more fun than that show car stuff!" it was decided on this day (roughly)
that the Gremlin X would make a great race car.  This is also know as one of
the greatest days of the crew chief's married life.

So between work, money, college, and "misc items", the Gremlin X became
what it is today.  Check out the rest of the site to get the specs, pictures of
the build, and a lot of other good stuff.