Winter 2001...this off season, the
plan was to loosen up the car a bit.  
Here the front spring is removed for
some suspension work.
Winter 2001...this is a shot of the
upper control arm after installation of
custom made Nylatron bushings.
Winter 2002...few engine mods
this off season, here we are
removing the engine.
Winter 2002...upon disassembly, we get
some not so good news with the main caps.
Winter 2002...engine successfully removed,
ready for all the fun that is to come.
Winter 2002...thanks to some borrowed main
caps, and this engine stand, we fixed what
ailed us, and made sure everything was back
together before we set it in the car.  
out the movie from the initial test run/cam
break in.
Winter in the new shop, we
remove the engine again, this time to try to
beef things up (and of course go faster) so
we don't break anything else.
Winter you can see four bolt
mains (for strength), as well as a crank
scrapper (for horsepower!)
Winter 2003...finally, the windage tray added
to the set up, to complete the changes for
this year.  We also added a little more lift to
our cam this season.  Problem is, it took us
so long to get everything together, that we
only had the car out one time!!!!!  At least we
will be ready for next year.  This is why you
won't see much in the winter of 2004.
Winter here it sits on the engine
stand, that is no longer borrowed, but
purchased, for break in and a shakedown.