Here's the Crew Chief's 1978 AMC Concord AMX.  
Lot of history with this car, but we will sum it up by
saying this was his first company lease car, and
about 8 years later it was a mild custom that will run
low 13 seconds in the quarter.
And the driver in keeping more with his generation
bought this 2004 Neon SRT-4.  this car has also
mad a quarter mile pass clicking the timers off at
14.48 at 98 MPH.  Not too bad for a bone stock 4
Here is a shot of a Rambler American that I only put
in here, because the owner is a Suspension
Engineer at General Motors (he will remains
nameless).  In his defense, this was one of the first
passes for the car, and it now leaves much better
running high 10 second passes.  If you don't like the
ride and handling on a GM product you own, this
could be why!