03/04 The shot that probably has the most press
on the site.  Shot taken by track photography of
a pretty good launch.  For a "stocker", this truck
jerks the front wheels off the ground pertty good.
03/04 The season started in Orlando, FL, for a little
winter break, and some racing.  Here is a shot of
the area of the track the Mopar guys from Michigan
took over.  You can see the yellow "banana" that
we were fortunate enough to borrow from the
Sniesak racing outfit to make the trip.
03/04 Another shot.  Basically, we boxed ourselves
in with trailers and motorhomes (this shot from the
top of the Yankee Flyer tow vehicle).  We were
being referred to as the "Dodge Used Car Lot" by
some fellow racers.
03/04 The crew chief thought this was the coolest
thing you could buy in Florida.  He forgot to put it in
one night, and woke up in the morning and
"couldn't believe it wasn't stolen".  Pretty much
everybody else in our pit stable not only
believe it wasn't stolen, but were a little
disappointed that it
wasn't stolen!