04/04 From Orlando, we headed to Indy...well, not
right from Florida, but that was the next race.  
Unfortunately, we don't have any shots of the
Banana from that race, but trust us we were there.  
Besides, how many times can you look at a yellow
Dakota leaving the starting line?  Here are some
other rides.  This is of another Dakota belonging to
Mark Hinz.  Truck is another stick shift truck, and
runs solidly in the mid 11's.
04/04 Shot in the staging lanes of Bill Beaudin's
Motown Missiles.   These cars faced each other in
the 3rd round.  
Want to see a cool (but small)
video?  Check out this short video of the two wheel
standers leaving the line.  The car in the back
ground was the eventual winner.  I wished I had a
video of the burn down at the line that occurred,
that  was almost as the wheel stand, might have
even been a little better!
06/04 The Gremlin slowed with every pass.  Here is
a late night thrash to try to figure out why before
eliminations on Sunday.  The driver left .004
seconds too early (.496 red light), trying to make up
for a car that wouldn't run.  After a 12 something
(slowest of the weekend) we were first round
runners up, and headed back to Michigan.  
was all that power going?  Check it out
06/04 After a few months off, some test and tune
sessions, we headed to Bowling Green, KY to
Beech Bend Raceway for the 2nd annual NHRA Hot
Rod Reunion.  Although the car didn't do to well,
what a show.  We are going back for sure in 05!
08/04 Back to the NHRA stuff in the Sniesak
Yankee Flyer Dakota for another grading point.  
This would be three for the year.  We actually
enjoyed some success here, going three rounds,
before a bad light in the 4th round for a loss.
08/04 Shot of our shop tenant Hank's Chevy
Monza.  Car ran a perfect (for super gas) 9.90 this
weekend, to qualify number one.  Nice work Hank!
10/04  We also made another trip to Indy for the
Fall Classic in the Sniesak Yankee Flyer, but it was
so cold, that we couldn't keep our hands warm
enough to take any pictures!!!!!