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Random Thoughts Randomly Running Through My Random Brain

Recently trying to come up with something to post, I would think of something I thought might be worthy of a blog topic, but then realized the idea could not fit what I think is a "full blog".  My wife...who thinks my blogs are too long, said they could be short, but...as some of you might have already figured out...I feel my posts need to have some "substance". 

So stealing an idea from Sports Illustrated's Peter King's 10 things I think I think, I went with Random Thoughts Randomly Running Through My Random Brain.  I may do this from time to time in the future, just various items that have drawn some of my interest since my last post.

So with no further adeiu, here is Random Thoughts Randomly Running Through my Random Brain for March 1st, 2009:

1.)  I saw a bumper sticker on an Explorer on my way to work on Satruday that was for the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, MI.  My thought was, did this person visit the Mystery Spot, and think that it was so over the top fantastic, that their first thought was, "Oh, I have to get a bumper sticker to put on my Explorer!!!"

2.) One button on a pair of pants is plenty.  I recently purchased some new casual pants for work that have two buttons.  I become 1/2 as efficient as I could be every time I go to the bathroom the instant I put them on.  These are almost as bad as butterfly 501 jeans.

3.) There is no such thing as reverse discrimination.  Sometimes when African Americans exhibit hatred towards Caucasians people will say that is "reverse discrimination".  Discrimination is discrimination, no matter who it is towards.  Reverse discrimination would be the opposite of this, essentially meaning you are overly nice to someone of a different race, and this really isn't a bad thing.

4.) An outfit is not sexy.  No article of clothing should be marketed as "sexy".  It is not the clothing that is sexy, but the person that is wearing the clothing that is sexy.  A person makes an outfit sexy, not the other way around.

5.) I'm probably late for half my appointments.  At work (for meetings and such), this number probably drops to 25%.

5a.) My wife is going to tell you that my half estimate above is way too low!

6.) I love the smell of diesel exhaust, have since I first smelled it in middle school when some of Pinckney Community Schools new busses were diesel powered.  This might be when I started to like diesel engines.  That, and the fact that one can easily produce over 1000 ft-lbs of torque at around 1500 RPM...incredible.

7.) I have mixed emotions about the ban on smoking in Michigan bars and restaurants.  I hate going to bars, having trouble breathing, and coming home with clothes and hair that reeks of smoke.  I also hate the government telling us what we have to do.  Actaully as I type this, I realize that although I'm not a smoker, I'm against the ban.  If you don't like smoke, don't go to bars with bad smoke.  Let the bar and restaurant owners decide if they want to allow smoking or not.  If it is a good idea, the places that ban smoking will thrive, dropping business at their competition, who will follow suite, or close.  If it doesn't work, thier business will drop, and they will allow smoking again.  It sounds pretty simple, and like the way the free enterprise system is suppose to work.

7a.) When did society begin to think the government is there to provide us with everything we need?  Healthcare, college tuition, housing, income, where does it stop?  It seems to have gotten worse in my lifetime.  Every person should be responsible for their actions, and providing for themselves, and children until they are old enough to do so for themselves, and the cycle repeats itself.

7b.) I remember that a girl in Ms. Cavanaugh's 3rd grade class could spell restaurant correctly, I never could, and I was jealous of her.  Now, 25+ years later after typing it a few times in number 7 above I realize that I still can't spell it and had to look it up.  This no longer makes me feel jealous, I just feel dumb.

8.) I believe in aliens.  If we the people on earth are the smartest people in the universe, then the universe is in big trouble!  There has got to be something else out there.

9.) I have wanted a tool shed since I bought my first house in 1999.  I'm very excited because it looks like I will get one this spring! 

10.) I really wanted to come up with 10 things, and will be slightly short, but since I have a "5a", and "7a", and a "7b", I technically have 12, so I'm stopping for the night.

Thanks for Stopping By - Dan


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