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Japanese Wonderment

Recently while playing on my Monday night softball league, I was somewhat taken aback by what I saw a group of Japanese softball players do.

There is a team that plays in a different division the same night and place that I do. (Monday's in Novi).  The team consists of 100% Japanese players, and they seem to be decent enough players, but my team hasn't played them (and won't being they are in a lower division) so I don't really know.  Besides this entry isn't specifically about their softball skills, so how good or bad they are really doesn't matter.  Not sure if they work together or live together, or are part of some evil plot by Toyota to finish the take over of Detroit, I just know they play softball together on Monday's and their team name is "The Bombers".

While my game was wrapping up (another win by the way), the aforementioned Bombers were begining to congragate for their game.  I noticed one of the teams fans (they have incredible fan support by the way) hollering and pointing at another Japanese girl who looked to be in her early teens.  The hollering fan was probably a grand mother, as she looked to be in her 60's, but my age meter scale could be off, because it hasn't had the proper ethnicity calibration performed on it yet.

At any rate, the Japanese Grandmother was pointing at the Japanese teeny bopper's shoes and was yelling something.  She seemed excited and was somewhat laughing, but I wasn't sure what she was saying as my comprehension of the Japanese vocabulary is very poor...actually poor isn't the word I'm looking for, non - existant is probably a better term.

As she was pointing, an older...non playing (again outstanding fan support) Japanese man began to talk, and make a motion with his hands.  He held his hands flat, and pushed them out from his chest away from his body.  With this he added a "wooshing" sound almost as if he was describing an airplane flying through the air (remember the team name is the bombers).

At this point, the teeny bopper popped up on her heels, and I realized what all the comotion was about.  The Japense girl had on a pair of Heely's, you all know the shoes with the single roller skate wheel in the heel, this was what was causing all the rucus!!!

She began to "Heely" (not even sure if that is a verb) around the ball diamonds, and as she did this caught the attention of almost the entire Bomber team and it's fans.  They stood and watched her meander around them, silently mumbling and laughing to each other.  This wasn't for a few seconds, several of them watched until I got bored watching them.  This is why I was somewhat dumbfounded.

Japan, the country that has brought us such things as the walkman, the electronic calculator, Godzilla, LED lights, floppy disks, and Ichiro, just to name a few, had 20 or so of their transplanted citizens mezmorized by a tennis shoe with a wheel in the heel.

It was truly a unique sight to behold.

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