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To Modify or Not to Modify, That is the Question.

Me and my wife have hit a little snag.  I don't think it is anything that threatens the foundation of our marriage, but it is a definate difference of opinion.

In general, we have a lot in common, similar tastes in music, TV, movies, politics, we see eye to eye on a lot of stuff.  On this particular issue however, I guess we are going to have to "agree to disagree."

What is the issue you might ask?

What to do with her 66 VW Bug?

Everytime I work on her car, or clean it, I notice something else wrong with it or something I want to change.  Kari also notices things she wants changed or improved as well.  Nothing major, a ding here, some rust there, weathered seals, small wiring issues, bent bumpers, carburator problems, little things like that that add up.  The car was probably restored 15 - 20 years ago, and neglected for at least a few of those years.  It really is time to start over, take it down to the "frame" and re-do it from the ground up.  Me and Kari are in agreeance that this is what needs to be done, and have talked about how long it will take (always longer than you plan), what it might cost (always more than you budget), and even how she can help on the project. 

The problem is vision.  You see when I think of starting over with a blank 66 VW Bug canvas, this is the type of vehicle I picture...

...or in some extreme cases, this...

THE problem is my wife's idea's are more like the Bug that stars in the new VW commercials, you know...

I've been quickly cut off several times when I start talking about the things I'm gonna do to her Bug.  I've gotten a lot of replies when I "suggest" modifications for her car they include but are not limited to:


I want that car to look normal.

That is stupid.

You're a dork.

(and my personal favorite)

You already have two race cars you can do whatever you want with, leave my car alone!

This past weekend (August 30th) at a all Volkswagen show not too far from our home, this difference of opinion was once again evident as we voted on the people's choice awards.  You have to vote for your favorite car of the show, and whoever had the most votes wins!

Kari's picks were these two vehicles:

See the theme, original, stock, BORING!

These were my choices:

You see my theme, low, chrome, shaved, COOL!

What to do, what to do?  Well, I guess any marriage is about compromise, so that is what we did.  She has agreed to let me put a tach in it, as I showed her that AutoMeter makes a small 2" tach that will allow me to know what the engine is spinning at, without distorting her dash too much.

And I got her to agree she does like the current 5 spoke polished aluminum wheels and billet aluminum running boards currently on the car...those can stay.

Finally the concensus was I could do "whatever I want to the car" as long as it looks the way it does now (aside from picking a new color when it comes time to paint).  I'm not sure if she knows how that translates from english to gearhead but...

I just got the greenlight to build a sleeper!

I will admit I still know very little about VW's and how to make them fast, but I do know there is a lot of potential in the 1600cc dual port mill that currently sits in the back of her Bug, and with a little research, I can make a car we can both be happy with.  It will look (pretty much) stock, but will run, just off the top of my head I'm thinking, bore kit, new heads, camshaft, exhaust, and dual carbs.  All that can be packaged without changing any of the exterior appearance.

I hope you all learned a valuable lesson when it comes to relationships and marriage, It doesn't matter if it finances, kids, schedules, work, housework, cooking, or a 1966 VW Bug that will toast Mustangs and Camaro's at a stoplight, but "look stock", you gotta meet each other in the middle.

Thanks for Stopping By - Dan

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