December 21, 2008

My Cooking Lesson

This morning it was my daunting task to cook breakfast.  We decided on over easy eggs and sauasge.  As I was getting out the skillet, and neccessary ingredients I realized that my wife has no faith whatsoever in my domestic skills in the kitchen.

As I was starting, her 1st question to me was, "Do you want me to teach you how to cook the eggs in the sausage grease?" Now, my plan was to cook the sausage first, and then cook the eggs in the same pan as the sausage, hence, cooking the eggs in the sausage grease.  I have attempted and pulled off this "feat" in the past with bacon AND sausage, and was not aware there needed to be any formal instruction to successfully perform this extremely difficult cooking process.

I replied, "I was going to cook the eggs AFTER the sausage in the same pan, do I need to know anymore other than that?"

No, she replied.

This morning's lesson was concluded!