An Update?!?!?!?!?
Well if there is anyone actually checking back
to this thing for updates, I'm amazed.  Using
some new found free time thanks to the
wonderful economy (hurry up Barrack and fix
this thing, remember that was what you were
going to do!!!) I've decided to try to update this

First thing is first, me and my wife have started
blogs, to try to find an easier way to update
everyone on what is going on.  Check to the
following sites for hopefully some more timely
updates as it is easier to do, and can be done
from any computer with internet.

This would be yours truly's blog, or check out

This would be the significant others ramblings
of thoughts and ideas.

Also, be weeks end I will have the 2009
schedule up here.  Not because I'm worried
about informing any of our tens of fans, but
because my wife has been asking me for it, so I
have to get it done.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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Kari's bug.  So far the front end has been
updated, new brakes, new shocks, a new
stereo system, and until the snow flies again,
we will have some fun over the summer.  This
picture is from November 07.
Ramchargers High and Mighty.