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Million Dollar Woman

If I had all the money in the world, here is what I would do with it:

1- First of all, I wouldn't tell anyone. Well, I for sure would tell my husband and then immediately call my financial advisor. If I won in a lotto or public event, I would not show myself on TV.

2- I would barely share. The only people that would get anything are my parents, my in-laws, my sister's family and my brother-in-law's family. That's all. The amount would probably be substantial, assuming I had "double digit" millions (take home of at least $10,000,000).

3-I'd keep my job, but only work 3 or 4 days a week. At least for a while, then I'd probably quit all together and begin one of my many dream jobs. 

4-Dream Job #1. Donate and volunteer my time. Not only would I like to donate, but I would like to volunteer my time so I can experience the need of organizations hands on. I don't like how charity events require a large fancy ball, entertainment and food and a high ticket price. Because only a portion of that ticket price goes to the charity. The rest goes to the food, entertainment and venue for the night! I know one has to spend money to make money, but I think some charities go over the top!

5-Dream Job #2. Revive the David Horowitz Fight Back television show! As a child not having cable television, my family enjoyed tuning in every week to see which products stood up to their claim. If you recall there was the Levi Jeans Test, to see if two horses could pull apart a pair of pants as seen on their label. The Oreck Vacuum test, can it pick up the 8 pound bolwing ball? If I am unable to revive this televison show, I would create my own website and blog, that would test and report on consumer products. Of course it would include the latest fad items ShamWow! and the Snuggie. It would be very similar to consumer reports, but a much more extensive report but less technical. I would report on how easy or hard it is to purchase online or via phone. How much an item really costs (after installments, processing, postage, handling, tax, etc) and then talk about how fast it arrives, how it is packaged, how it looks, feels, smells, and lastly performs. And to top it off, I would try to return it or call customer service to see how hard it is to ask for missing parts, get a new product under warranty, etc. This all would most likely take place via blogging.

6-I'd hire some "employees" such as a chef, dietitian, personal trainer, cleaning company, gardener, and personal assistant. Of course these would be part time jobs, since I don't need a chef every day, but maybe he/she can plan our meals and I could cook a few of them. The cleaning person would only come once or twice a week (I have dogs and they have hair). The personal trainer I would want for a few hours a day and the gardener would be needed when my garden grows weeds! My personal assistant could work with me from 10am-2pm.

7-I'd buy/build a house. When I was a kid I always said I would have to build three houses before I got what I wanted. The first house would always have "kinks" in it. Or you would wish you did something different. The second house you would fix all those kinks but there would still be a few changes you would like to make, and the final house would be perfect. Of course this may not be my dream house, because I think it would be great to build/buy several houses all over the country. I'd have to travel to all of these places to be certain I would want to own a home there.

8-I'd build my husband his dream shop/garage. Maybe even three of them, because as I stated above, he will have some kinks that he will want to work out, too! 

9-I would travel as much as I could. Fiji would be on the top of my list. Then maybe 6 months or so in Europe. A summer in Australia, some tropical islands. If money didn't matter, my possibilities are endless. I'd like to think I'd be humble and not require an over the top hotel, but a small, quaint place that offers cleanliness, good food and fun things to do!

10-I would collect something. Probably start with vintage VW Beetles and then move onward from there.

11-I would have my home professionally decorated for Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

12-I would continue my education. Maybe take a photography class, a "How to Make Your Blog Better" class (see number 5-Dream Job #2). Learn to sew (the right way), perfect my garden, gourmet cooking, French, Spanish.

13-I'd take action on the one item my husband wants to invent and the one item I want to invent! But I cannot elaborate because it's a secret! Otherwise, you would steal my invention! 

14-I would get a nose job, then lipo and possibly a breast reduction. But if my personal trainer does his/her job, I may not have to get lipo or the boob job.

15-I would get a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait from McDonalds every day. They are only a $1.00 and so delicious.

After typing all of this, I realized my list is similar to a child telling someone, "When I grow up I am going to..." Then you grow up and realize it isn't as easy to do everything you want and get everying you want just because you are an adult.


That is so awesome! I noticed that we think a like when it comes to having big money and big dreams!

I'm sure you could "hire" Dawn and have access to a jet so she could be at your house in no time to do your hair the right way.

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