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The Hierarchy of Sistas

Last night I witnessed a terrible situation. My gym instructor, Jane*, twisted her ankle at the gym, requiring her to cancel class and go to the emergency room.

It happened so quickly. One minute we were grapevining to the right and all of the sudden Jane was on the floor.  Everyone stopped, and stood in their place. A few of us walked over to her. We could see she was in pain, and there was little we could do. I stood back, and watched a Hierarchy of Sistas begin...

Doris* took on the motherly role and knelt down beside Jane and began talking to her. I couldn't hear the conversation but I imagine Doris asked Jane if she was okay, and if she heard it pop, or thought it was broken. 

Karen* is the ever-so-calm-and-cool one. She got a step set up for Jane to rest her ankle on. Later she began talking to Jane, telling her she would get her where she needs to go, call the people that need to be called and kept the situation at ease.

Dawn* the go-getter turned down the music and went to get ice and a towel.

And then there was me. Standing back, turning off the fan, then later holding the bag of ice (when Karen went to get the car ready), watching as concerned women came together and took a serious and not so pleasant situation and made it work, with little panic, and all the help we could possibly provide. Oh yeah, and I threw a few jokes in there as well. Something about how Jane really needed to shave her legs, how she may be able to get Workers' Comp and how old age must be attributing to her bad ankle!

I've heard from Karen that Jane has a severe sprain, an air cast, crutches and will be off work for 2 weeks. Thankfully there were no broken bones or torn tendons or ligaments.

Update: 2-5-09
Jane has informed me she has 2 fractures in her foot and is on her way to see another doctor!

*names have been changed