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Is it All Ready? - Pregnancy Update #27

The second most common question I get asked is if I have my nursery ready and in order. The answer is no, and I think that surprises most people. First time parents are often very eager to get their baby things in order. I suppose we're not your "normal" set of parents.

We have a room, that used to be an an office. I've moved the dresser out of the room, sanded it down, stained and varnished it. After I attach the hardware, I'll move it back into the room to use as a dresser again. Here is the dresser before any of the work began. Click here for the finished product!


The closet is bare, but ready to be filled with all of the baby things we will be getting/needing at the end of this year. The photo below was taken on August 22, 2009. Updates to follow as it "fills up." Let's hope she doesn't outgrow it BEFORE she is born! You can see how well our first purchase fits in the closet. That cute little doll bunk bed set in the bottom right is a Christmas present for my niece, Avery!


The desk is still in the room but needs to go. I've started to clean it off and we moved our filing cabinets that used to be next to it. The computer will go, the desk items will be moved to our kitchen, where they will reside in a sofa table I am refinishing and turning into a small desk.


The Tigers wall will probably stay. Mostly because I don't know what to do with the two seats from Tigers Stadium. Plus, they can always be used as extra seating. This is why it would have been "convenient" to have a boy.


The rocking chair I've had since college. My 7 roommates and I bought it at goodwill because we needed more seating in our dorm room. I believe 7 of us girls split the $7.50 cost. I somehow ended up with it after our sophomore year, and refinished it while in college. The cushions are original, so the plan is to re-upholster them. Don't worry, I'll show you some after photos of that, too!


The crib came from my sister. She gave me tons of baby stuff. Her in-laws brought it to us from Georgia (and we are so grateful for all of it) so we have to put the crib together and get a mattress and bedding.

Here is the crib in the garage. There's a toddler bed in the mix of those pieces, too!


The crib will go here...yes, that's an aqua globe in my plant.


This bedding has been purchased...


Here is SOME of the baby stuff we received from my sister. We have a few more tubs that I didn't take photos of. 


I'll find some new window shades/blinds that mesh with the bedding, as soon as I receive the bedding...


We just painted and re-carpeted the house about a year ago, so the walls are staying the taupe color and so is the carpet. Besides, we need to save our money for the important things in our daughter's life, like her Girl Scout uniform, prom dress and a car when she turns 16.

The nursery is "in the works." We know what we're doing, it's just finding the time to do it!