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Snot Sucker


Shortly after I returned from having my baby at the hosptial, I realized she was a bit stuffy. I voiced my concern to my friend who suggested using the bulb syringe we got from the hospital or putting saline drops in her nose. I tried the syringe, or snot sucker as I frequently call it, and realized it was way too big for her tinly little nostrils. So I picked up a bottle of saline solution for her nose. I squirt it in her nose once and the shreak and cry she displayed made me think the boogers are just fine where they are! Thankfully the particular booger I had my eye on was blown out when she sneezed. The next booger I was able to pick out of her nose with my pinky fingernail and there was no crying involved with the delicate extraction, just a face that makes me think I tickled her nose.

A month or so later, I caught the end of one of the baby documentary shows on TV and saw a nurse sucking the fluids out of a freshly born baby's nose. I realized the snot sucker didn't fit into that new baby's nose either, but the nurse "made it fit" and just shoved it into the new baby's nostrils and sucked out the goop.

Last Thursday, after feeding my daughter at day care, she sneezed and I saw a streak of green snot come out of her nose. "Oh, great," I thought. "Her first week of day care and she already has a cold," Thankfully the next day she had a doctor's appointment so I'd have the doctor check on her green snot. In the meantime, she was stuffy and had more boogers that I was unable to reach with the pinkie extraction. Well, now that my child is 2 months old, I pulled out the blue snot sucker (bulb syringe) and shoved it into her tiny nostril and listened to her scream as I sucked out snot. Green snot. It was gross, but I was amazed at how it actually fit into her nostril.

But now, I'm addicted.

The minute I hear her stuffy nose, I grab the snot sucker and try to pull out anything I can get. I've gotten some seriously green boogers and even one with a little blood on it! Sometimes I leter her cry a little bit because when she gets upset, she blows air through her nose and some snot sneaks out. After I pull out the prizes from her nose, I have to show them to my husband, who looks at the snot rag and says, "uh-huh" in the most uninterested tone you can imagine.

The doctor says Rachel is fine. She has a little cold, but it happens to everyone. If she isn't better in 3 days or shows a fever, we have to take her back for a visit. Otherwise, she's doing fine.


We still use a bulb aspirator now even though the twins are 2. It is so much better than constantly wiping their nose. The other thing I LOVE is Boogie Wipes. http://www.amazon.com/Boogie-Wipes-Saline-Great-30-Count/dp/B002HOQE52/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=grocery&qid=1268085211&sr=8-2
I swear by them. I dont care that they are pricy because cleaning crusty snot off of 2 toddlers with ease is worth the price.
I have heard this works well http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=6768&parentCategoryId=85180&categoryId=85200 but I have never used it.

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