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Peter Cottontail Update


Rachel's sneak peek Easter dress photos were revealed a while ago, but here is the dress in its entirety...with the Easter Bunny! She didn't have a problem with the bunny, she got upset just before it was our turn to have photos! I didn't have a chance to calm her down and it was our turn! You can even see a tear in her eye!



The Easter bunny knows just what Rachel likes - Cadbury Eggs, Peanut Butter & Chocolate! Thanks to Grandma Linda for personalizing the basket for Rachel!




I recently started putting bibs on Rachel because she is very drooly.  While finding a new bib the day before Easter, I noticed this one! Thanks to Aunt Dawn and Avery for the hand-me-downs!




Rockwell had to pose with the basket filled with goodies he was unable to taste! 



Photo shoots with Dogs are challenging, but then you add a baby and an Easter basket prop and it gets even more challenging!