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Happy 60th Birthday, Grandpa (Part 2)


Sixty years is a lot to think about. And somehow, my husband and I were able to pull off an awesome 60th birthday party for my father-in-law! I was a little worried, since we were having the party at my father-in-law's house. I thought maybe he'd hate me for having so many people over, but he loved it and he was truly grateful. But you can't pull off a surprise party without the help of the friends and guests that keep their mouths shut. And I thank everyone for helping in that way!

I think the final count of people that came to the party was around 60 - fitting for a 60th birthday - and we kept with the Taco Bell theme by providing a taco bar. I love taco bars, they are actually quite easy and there is something for everyone on the menu.

I am so grateful and thankful for my parents! They came to help out with food and setting up and to take care of their grand daughter. Often when you host a party, you don't get to chat much with anyone, but it's always great to see people staying late and having a good time hanging out with each other. I believe the festivities ended by midnight - pretty impressive for a 60th Birthday Party. And I was told the return dollar amount on empties was $23.10. This doesn't count the non-returnable bottles of Yuengling! (For my out of state readers, that's 10 cents per can we get back.)

Friends and relatives came from around the corner, and from across the US - New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania - to wish Dave a happy 60th. Everyone arrived on time, and some people were waiting outside, some inside, to surprise him when he came home.

The rainy weather kept away the "show cars" we were hoping guests would bring and park in the special "show dog" parking spot, but we had a great turnout and a fabulous time. The birthday boy said it was a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing all of his friends! 


Centerpieces that were spread out around the house. 


Guests were asked to included their Best Wishes for Dave on this board. 


Dave's sisters wanted to help. His sister, Debbie, was persistent, so I gave her the task of melting the velveeta and tomatoes. She worked diligently on this dish and did a fabulous job. I'm now calling this recipe "Debbie's Cheese." 



Guests were gathered outside waiting for the Birthday Boy to arrive. 


Two of the five that came all the way from Pennsylvania and brought the Birthday Boy 7 cases of Yuengling. 


One of the gifts Dave received. 


He was a good sport, he wore his party hat! 



Scratch pad party favors for the guests.


Dave's east coast sisters.