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Pumpkin Guts

Since we got pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, we had to carve them! I was really excited to see what Rachel would do when she felt the "guts" on her hands.

Here is our blank canvas. I will admit, I was in a hurry and felt like I just needed to get this done, before I put Rachel in a bath and then to bed, so it was a bit rushed and my imaginative juices were not flowing. I was also recovering from having a cold for what seemed like three weeks.


At first, she seemed to love the pumpkin! 

(Yes, I cut out the bottom of the pumpkin. It makes putting in and lighting the candle much easier, and then the top can never fall into the pumpkin!)



I put the guts on her feet. She didn't want to touch them. I held the guts in my hand and she would act like she was going to touch them and then pull her hand away. Of course the guts made the black plastic very slippery so her attempting to get away was not going well.


Here is the finished product! I call it the "Super R Pumpkin!"


All the seeds went to waste. I thought about my friend Mowen as I threw all of the seeds into the trash. When we were in college, Mowen and I somewhat perfected the pumpkin seed recipe. Our secret is to boil them in water first, and then bake them in the oven. It prevents them from burning. And that year we also experimented with flavors, salt, ranch, cajun...