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First Birthday Treat

I fell in love with cake bites/cake balls a while ago and have been trying to find an excuse to make them for every event. Usually I roll them in balls and dip them in chocolate and call it good, but this year, for Rachel's first birthday, I stumbled upon these and HAD to make them.

My first quest was finding mini ice cream cones. I called around, I searched the internet, I ended up buying them on Amazon. GFS sold them, but I had to buy 1000 cones, and I figured that was a tad too many for a first birthday party. After my cones arrived, the rest was super easy! And as you can see, I didn't use any creativity! I just copied the recipe. It wasn't hard, just time consuming.

The final task was to find a "holder" for all of my cones. I took a set to Rachel's day care to celebrate her birthday and I took them to my parent's house for her party. I ended up making a "cone holder" out of some wood we had in the garage. I drilled a gazillion little 1" holes in it and then covered it with silver wrapping paper and used 35mm film tubes for legs. It fit perfectly in a box I got from work, making it easy to take to her day care. 

Here is the first batch in progress. 


The first tray finished and ready to go! 

The second batch! You can see my handy-work with the film canisters and scotch tape!