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Family Reunion 2011

I've only met my husband's Aunt Lee once - and that was at her sister's (my mother-in-law's) funeral. So when the opportunity came up to go to Minneapolis for her retirement party, my husband and I actually considered going for a long weekend to visit. We decided not to go because Dan was so busy with work, the event was on a Friday and I had plans to go to the UP that weekend to hang out with a friend.

Lee and I swapped a few emails. I told her we wouldn't be attending but thanked her for including us in the event. I did make a pretty sweet paper doll for her and sent it along with a donation to her (former) place of employment. I struggled with the paper doll because, well, my paper doll decorating skills were very rusty and I was unsure how do decorate an aunt I met only once! Anyhow Lee gave me dates she was coming to Michigan for a visit, so I kept in touch with her (a.k.a. harassed her) to find out when the heck she would be in Coldwater so I could come visit. If she travels across five states to get here, I can drive 2 hours to visit with her! We swapped a few emails and voice messages and phone calls and on Sunday Rachel and I went to visit some distant and relatives I met for the first time. (My husband didn't make the trip, he was on his way home from a beer drinking, gun shooting guys weekend in the UP). 

I have to admit, talking to Lee on the phone and hanging out with her in person brought some tears of my mother-in-law, her sister, Libby. They sound so much alike on the phone and their mannerisms are very much alike, not to mention they look ALOT alike! 

And thanks so much to Terry and Pete for opening up their home for all of us, making pizza and being fun, genuine, people! I hope we can all keep in touch! 


(Great) Aunt Lee & Rachel meet for the second time! 


Uncle Nick and his wife Leanne and their daughter Joslynn were able to come for a visit, too! 


My niece, and Rachel's cousin, Joslynn. 


Grandpa Dave came, too!

Cousins play peek-a-boo with the camera girl!


We met a new friend and cousin - Madelyn!


I encourage you to find a small place in your pocket book to help donate to Lee's former place of employment - Clare Housing. She continues to pour her heart and soul into this cause. You can visit their website here. Your donation is most likely tax deductible.

Here is the ever-so-neat invitation to Lee's retirement party and the paper doll I decorated!