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September 03, 2012

Oreo Cake

Because my husband's birthday fell on a Wednesday, we had a little party for him on Friday (since that was my day off) in which we presented him with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. But because I'm CRAZY and found something on Pinterest I had to make, I also made him another cake for his birthday.

A few weeks before his big day, Meijer had Oreo cookies on sale - 2 packages for $5 so I picked up two regular oreos and two peanut butter. 

Barely awake, armed with my oreo packages, cake plate and toddler, I began to assemble the cake at 6:04 am on Wednesday so it was ready when my husband (and I) got home from work. 

I used two packages for the bottom and two for the top. It's solid oreos, all the way through, but I'm sure you could leave a hole in the middle or find a cup or something to provide support if you didn't want to make it solid. The peanut butter top was a little tall for my liking, but hey, it was early and it was done and I needed to get into the shower and get ready to go to work. 

First layer complete...


The finished piece!