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Hudson is 1 month old

Yes, four weeks has passed and my baby boy is officially a month old!

I sat him in the same orange chair his sister sat in when she was a month old. Of course there are several outtakes for the one good photo. His sister was at school when I took it, but I am sure next month she will be home, so that in itself will be fun, simply because she will be very excited to help with the photo shoot.

He still snuggles with his "frog legs." He loves to be swaddled. And I feel bad for him because it is warm outside, and he wants to be wrapped up like a burrito. It has to be warm. He farts like a man, crazy loud farts that usually come with grunting, screeching, squealing and sometimes crying, then a big ol' toot comes out. Sometimes his farts are so loud and adult like, that I ask my husband if it was him or his son.

He is still wearing newborn clothing, that seems to fit the best, but he is slowing transitioning into 0-3 months, he wears a size 1 diaper. We have yet to have a blow out requiring a clothing change. He sleeps well during the day, swaddled and sitting up in the bouncy seat or the swing are favorite places for him to get some shut eye. He sleeps in his crib at night. He also likes to sit up on your shoulder and look around when he is awake.

His hair is light brown according to me, and sandy brown according to his dad. He still has blue eyes and cute feet. He eats every 3-4 hours. Every few days he seems to be starving so he gets a bottle from his dad. His sister always wants to hold it and feed him, but she doesn't pay attention, she quickly gets distracted and says she is done. During the night he will often go 4-6 hours without waking up. And when he does wake up, he eats and goes right back to bed.

He was crazy loud when he was born. The first night in the hospital I could barely sleep because he was always grunting and groaning and squeaking. Something I wasn't used to, so I was unable to sleep through the noise, plus, we didn't know if he needed something or not! He has calmed down the the grunting during the night. He still grunts, but not nearly as bad as when he was first born!

Rachel LOVES him. When she calls me on her way home from school, usually the first or second question is , "Where's Hudson?" When she comes home, she says, "Hi, mom!" Followed by, "Where's Hudson?" She often RUNS to his side, when she hears him fuss or cry. She gives him his pacifier or sings a song to him. She is always adjusting the sun shade on his car seat, moving it or opening it so she can see her "baby brother." And on most days when Rachel is home, Hudson enjoys being outside in the bouncy seat on the deck, while we play with bubbles, or swing on the swing, get the mail or have lunch on the deck. He seems to like the fresh air, but not the bright sunlight in his eyes.