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May Days

Maternity leave in May is quite nice. A change from December, although hanging inside, with a new baby in December isn't all that bad. But having the nice weather to spend outside with my three year old in May is super nice. Plus, we're able to get a few things done outside of the house.

Most of our mornings are spent playing outside, having lunch on the deck and then taking an afternoon nap. We then return outside for snack and play after nap. We have daily walks to get the mail and every few days we do a few loads of laundry. 

Here are some photos of our daily lives. 

Hudson hanging out with us on the deck.


Big sister helping to bathe her brother. She LOVES to help with this and is actually quite good at washing his legs and feet and keeping a pacifier in his mouth so he isn't "sad." She also helps to pick out his clothing he will wear after his fresh bath.



After bath, H's hair is fluffy. 




One weekend Rachel helped her dad rake the yard. It took all my might not to help with this task! But I had to refrain due to my csection incision and my restrictions on "working" for at least six weeks. 



And this girl was kind enough to give baby a ride on the tractor!