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90 Years Young

My grandma turned 90 years old. Recently she just was moved into an assisted care living home, but up until then she was living on her own in the house. We visited her on her special day. She was full of tears of joy and we all had a great time celebrating with her.

You would think after knowing her for 34 years, I would know almost everything about her, but I learned something new this year, I learned her favorite color is purple. I would think it was blue, because as I kid I remember her house having a lot of blue in it. Perhaps that was her second favorite color, and my grandpa wouldn't allow her to paint anything purple, so she went with blue. 

It was great to see her on her birthday. The last time I saw her was Easter and she had given up on doing her hair or having it done so she was changing a lot from what I remember her always looking like. When we went to see her at her new place, she had her hair and nails done and she looked just like grandma again. 

Here she is with her three children, one of them is my dad. 


 Rachel had fun since she was the only "kid" she helped her great-grandma open presents. What on earth do you get a 90 year old? Well, I went with a photo book and some other gifts she got were chocolates, flowers, a sweater, some sweatshirts and a gift certificate to get her hair done.

We were all admiring Rachel's polished nails and grandma's polished nails. Party nails we call them!