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Father's Day 2013

My husband's first father's day with two children!

A few weeks before his special day, I took both kids to the local ceramic store to make a present for him. I L O V E hand print items but prefer them to be two dimensional so I can scrapbook them rather than feel like I have to keep the item FOREVER because it contains my child's hand print. Because you know you can't sell that stuff at a garage sale. So this might be a one time thing, because I'm "that mom" that doesn't want all that crap in my cupboard. Anyhow, we were the only ones in the studio, so that was nice and Hudson did fairly well, I fed him while Rachel and I sung songs to him and waited for each coat of glaze to dry. The employee at the store helped me put Rachel's hand print and Hudson's footprint on the mug. 

We picked out a mug that was called an ice cream mug. It fits a container of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream perfectly. But we really got it for him to dunk his peanut butter and jelly toast into, because that's what he does, he makes a big cup of hot chocolate in the winter and dunks his toast into it. Something his daughter is now picking up and shares with him when he has it. A delicacy he has named "concoction."

On Father's Day, when my husband returned home from his annual racing trip in Kentucky, we opened gifts and ate dinner on the deck. The following week we brought home the present Rachel made for her dad at school. Her dad was out of town when I brought it home and I wanted SO MUCH to open it and see what it was and then re-wrap it, but I kept it as-is. I asked her what was inside and she said, "baseballs and footballs" but would not elaborate any more. She enjoyed helping him open his presents.


Here is the jar she made at school. The top says "I love you to pieces" and inside are reeces pieces! The football, baseball and basketball are made of her fingerprints.