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Strawberry Patch 2013

I learned quickly after having one child that I cannot wait for my husband to do things with us. If he is out of town, I just have to do things without him because in this case, strawberry picking, when he returns, the berries may no longer be in season. Of course I would much rather he be with us, not only to help us out, but to also enjoy making memories and traditions with our children.

This year my husband was out of town for strawberry picking, as he was last year as well, but the difference between this year and last year, was that I was hauling two children to the strawberry patch. And I did it.

Hudson was in the baby carrier and Rachel walked with me. We hung on tight while on the wagon and picked 6.5 lbs of berries, about half of what we normally pick, or have picked in the past, but wearing a child means you can only pick one handed and the other child was doing the potty dance so I figured we'd get out of the patch before she had an accident. While waiting in line to pay (after using the potty) I impulsively purchased an $18 pre-picked box of berries. The woman said there were 5.5 quarts in there. I had no idea how much that was so I purchased the box thinking 6.5 pounds was not nearly enough.

Well....that was plenty! Plenty enough to make four batches of freezer jam, two pans of strawberry pretzel jello, enjoy lots of fresh berries and have waffles and strawberries for breakfast. 

Rachel loved helping me make jam. She mashed up the berries, helped me count and measure sugar for the jam, and got the containers ready and set out to fill. But her FAVORITE part of helping me in the kitchen is licking the spoon (or bowl). 

Also, I was NOT the only crazy mother with an infant! I actually saw another woman with a baby wrapped in a moby, and I am guessing she was about 3 or 4 months old and there was another mom with an infant, possibly younger than Hudson in a car seat! So I wasn't the only person people were staring at! 

Last year we didn't get a photo of Rachel with the sign because it was raining and we were seeking refuge in the are of the petting zoo before the wagon picked us up and took us to the fields where we picked huddled under an umbrella. This year I almost peed my pants when she ran behind it and stepped on the stool for her photo. I can't wait until next year to see how much more of her head you can see!