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Winter Baby vs Spring Baby

I had a baby in December and I had a baby in April and I've noticed that I am comparing the timing of those babies almost every day so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. 

A winter baby means you don't worry about: keeping your baby in the shade because of the intense sunshine; keeping your baby covered because of mosquitos. It means you don't sweat or have sweaty boobs while nursing. Your swaddled baby isn't sweating in the winter.

A spring baby means you don't have to worry much about illness as much as a winter baby.

I do find it perfect that my first child was a winter baby, because I was able to spend lots of time indoors snuggling with her and venturing out wasn't that hard or bad with a car sitting in a heated garage and a fleece car seat cover. The only "illness" that made it into our house was from us, not another sibling. I can see a winter second child as not very desirable because of the first child bringing home germs especially if they are in school or day care. 

I also find it perfect that my second child was a spring baby, allowing my first baby (or toddler) to be outside a lot while I am home on maternity leave. It's quite peaceful during the day at my house and nursing on our covered deck while watching my toddler play with her imaginary friends in her backyard is quite comical. We also enjoy having lunch and snacks on the deck during the day. 

And now, a photo to hold you over since I've been slacking (and I am aware of this!)