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Blueberries 2013

This year I was on top of the blueberry harvest and because we were so busy, we had one day to get the goods and eat them!

Rachel was very excited to pick blueberries. She got her own bucket and had no trouble picking "just the blue" berries. She did show me the "gross" ones that she picked, that were mushy or eaten by bugs but quickly learned you just drop those on the ground and continue picking. She tasted a few but mostly picked them and set them in her bucket. I found it comical when she set down her bucket, walked three or four bushes down the row and ran back to her bucket to put blueberries in it. I kept telling her to take her bucket with her. 



Hudson was strapped to my husband in the Baby Bjorn and he did fairly well. He was a little cranky and then passed out while in the carrier. We picked berries for less than an hour - I didn't want to get stuck with too many berries (I know, I know, is there such a thing?) and it was beginning to get hot in the sun. 


Rachel picked half a pound and together we all picked 6.5 pounds. We ate blueberries in the car on the way home, we made two batches of blueberry buckle - a fantastic coffee cake with the best crumble topping, and we made a blueberry pie which I would rather not talk about. It tasted very good, but I tried to halve my single crust recipe to make a double crust because I didn't have enough ingredients. And for some reason I added cornmeal when i should have added cornstarch. I caught the mistake in time and did add the cornstarch but the cornmeal was already in there, too! Again, it was good, especially topped with my homemade whipped topping, but it needed more crust! It was from a recipe book that we recently received from Dan's Aunt Lee so Rachel was excited to make something "out of her book."