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Fourth of July 2013

Ahhh July 4th has come and gone. Usually when this day arrives, I say that summer is over, because from July 4th until Labor Day in September, time FLIES and before you know it, it's Labor Day!


This year we were at home (not at the beach in Maryland like my husband would prefer) but we had fun! Rachel was really into the fireworks. When she came home from school on Tuesday she said, "Guess what Mom, Miss Britt said there were going to be fireworks." I then had to let her know she was two days away from seeing them. That was a tad challenging.

She was excited about the glow sticks that we were were taking to the fireworks but had a hard time understanding we were going to go to the parade and then go home and go back to the fireworks. We were late for the parade because we were eating dinner but we got to see a few floats, political officials, tractors, horses, super heroes and fire engines/trucks. Rachel even got a few pieces of candy! The funniest part was when Spider Man came across to our side of the street and Rachel clung to my leg! She likes spider man enough to have a toothbrush with him on it that she picked out but for some reason, seeing him in person was a different story. Also, Hudson DID NOT like the fire truck air horns. He immediately began to scream. Dan took him away from the noise and the street a bit and he said he calmed down until he heard the air horns. Then he would begin to scream.

Rachel had time to get some pillow candy and she ate the entire cone.


She was super sleepy at the fireworks but hung on and enjoyed the show while laying with me on a blanket. I told Rachel it was America's birthday and she said "Where's America?" That was fun to explain.

Overall it was a great fourth of July - relaxing, beautiful weather, good fireworks and fun earlier in the day in the little pool and slip n slide.