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5 months and beyond (or 5-8 months)

It's the first day of 2014 and since my last blog in August, I've been telling myself I need to at least update Hudson's milestones and photos. I tell myself in ten years it won't matter when I did it but that I actually did it...so here goes.

5 months - September 2013

He's quite a happy kid. His schedule isn't as great as his sister's schedule used to be but for the most part he sleeps through the night. He plays well by himself, or when his sister is nearby he likes to watch her and she loves to tickle him and make him laugh. He squeaks and shreeks! Rachel is always excited to take his photo in the orange chair. And then she always wants to be in it with him.

The 3-6 month clothes fit best and all of the 0-3 month clothing is out of the closet. 

Hudson experienced his first trip to the race track! He went to Ubly Dragway to watch his dad Race and his dad made it to the semi-finals with the Gremlin X. That was a big weekend to meet new friends and to meet my sister and her family for the first time! 


6 months - October 2013

Hudson loves it when we are holding him and open the refrigerator door. He immediately goes for the condiments in the door and smiles and squeaks. 

We started solid foods - oatmeal and he seems to enjoy it. He makes a funny face but eats it anyways. Hudson also holds his own bottle! 

We had crazy warm weather in October so we went to the pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins. This warm weather also allowed us to hang outside and play a little bit. Hudson still loves to be outside. Sometimes the wind takes his breath away, but often when you carry and hold him, he squeaks and laughs and kicks his feet.

At his six month check up, he was 25.5" long and 15 lbs, 10 ounces, and fit into the 17th percentile for both height and weight. He;s doing well and was a little fussy after his shots, but took a long nap and was back to normal.

7 months - November 2013

Hudson has two teeth! His teeth cutting seemed pretty uneventful. It was fun to see them come in on the bottom. You can't see them when he smiles but they are there. He officially wears size three diapers, and I put size 9-12 month clothing on his Christmas list - it will be big, but he can grow into it. His hair is getting longer, filling in and getting darker. And he LOVES to stand. Any chance he gets, he wants to stand up on everything.

A trip to after hours car determined he had an ear infection - and other than not letting you touch or smooch by his ears, I had no clue he had any issues! No fever, no crying, no being crabby, he ate well, slept well and was overall happy! So pink stuff antibiotics we got and left it at that. 

We added lots of new food to his diet and I love making baby food and giving it to him. It smells so good when I heat it up and feed him. He loves balls. Loves to hold them, loves to chew on them, loves to bang them on things. 

8 Months - December 2013

Hudson began crawling the first week of December, shortly after he turned 7 months old. This was two months earlier than his sister, but like most kids when they begin to crawl, they don't go anywhere quickly. He mainly stayed in the living room and by the end of this month he began to explore more, moving into the kitchen and down the hallway when his sister encourages him.

I'm done nursing so he gets a bottle and lots of food. He really enjoys his solid foods. I made lots of new foods for him - mango, carrot, green beans, bananas, avocado, parsnip. He prefers fruit over vegetables, but he eats it all.

He loves wrapping paper - he has been able to experience it when his sister was opening all of her birthday presents and at Christmas with Grandpa Dave, but he loves to put it into his mouth. So much that he got a piece of birthday paper off and actually choked and vomited because of it. So we were extra careful for any other paper incidents. 

We got to experience wheezing and probably bronchitis, and now own a nebulizer and get to do breathing treatments when we hear him wheeze. That wasn't fun for him or me. Holding down an infant for fifteen to twenty minutes while he screams, cries and thrashes is brutal. I never enjoyed giving him the treatments every four hours. He also had an ear infection and got antibiotics (again) and tested positive for RSV. Thankfully he didn't have any complications with it and I hope no one else got sick. The timing was decent - since day care is closed and I took a week off of work during the holidays. He wasn't himself and it was difficult, but he is now much better.

He still loves balls, but now he loves to crawl to them when we roll them across the floor.  He sits up on his own in the tub and loves to take a bath.