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9 months

My little boy is nine months old!

He LOVES to stand by the play kitchen in our house. He opens the oven and opens the drawer and pulls all the toy silverware out. He then chews on it and slobbers all over everything. He often hangs out at the play kitchen and you can hear him babbling.

He also loves the real kitchen knobs! He stands by the drawers and pulls them open which often causes him to fall on his butt and cry. He scares himself. He is now moving onto the cupboard doors and we're having to put our rubber bands on them so he can't open them. 

He has always been obsessed with the DirecTV remote and our phones. He still has that obsession and seeks out these items if they are left within reach and when we move them before he gets to them, he gets upset. 

He's wearing 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. He's nearly 20 pounds! His hair has darkened a bit and is beginning to fill in and get longer. I think it's more of a sandy brown color. He smiles a lot and laughs.