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Glow Party - 4th birthday

I have brainwashed my daughter into have a glow birthday party, probably since just after her third birthday party last year. I was determined to somehow have black lights at school so all of the kids could enjoy it. I began really planning in August and got everything to come together during the busiest month of the year - December.

Pinterest was very helpful, as was a mini black light flash light I purchased from amazon so I could "test out" products while shopping to see if they would glow under a black light. I purchased a dozen T8 black lights to put into the light fixture in a small area at her school. I used dollar store plastic table cloths to create darkness within the room. I hung a few paper items on the wall - some fun fans, fluorescent poster boards, a Happy Birthday banner and some white streamers.

Another awesome Amazon purchase was liquid watercolor paint.  (Sargent Art Fluorescent Watercolor Magic Set)

Since this was also school, I knew the entire day/week could not be a party. It needed to also be learning. I created some glowing things to help make the teacher's lives easier - Dry Rice that I colored with the paint for the sensory tub. Water that I added paint to so they were glowing under the black light. There were straws cut to create necklaces and used to make letters and shapes, keeping eduction in mind. And at the end of lunch that day, everyone got a mini cupcake and sang Happy Birthday.

I spent half the day with my daughter's class and my favorite part was seeing the kids point out to each other what was glowing when they entered the "glow room." It was mainly an article of clothing and they all had fun with the highlighters and white paper that seemed to shine the best.

We also had glow sticks, face paint, glowing plates and cups, fuzzy pom poms, 

It was awesome - the teachers loved it as much as the kids. And I am so happy I pulled it off! Now I need to work on a one year old's monkey birthday party and then brainwash my daughter into something much easier for her fifth birthday next December.