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Addictions...Facebook in Particular

I caved. I officially have a Facebook page. But over the weekend I've been wondering why is Facebook so addicting? You create an account, add friends, ask to be someone's friend, send messages, upload photos and chat. I think right now I'm always checking my account because it's new and something fun to check out. I like to see if I've found new people that I haven't seen or heard from in quite some time.

Of course I think when someone becomes my friend, I do what everyone does....scour their info to see where they are living, what they like, what they are doing and where they are working, then dive into their photos to see what they look like now, or what their lives are like, vacations, work, school. Stalk them. That's the correct term.

Sometimes I'm embarassed to be almost 30 and have a facebook page! But at the same time, I realize it is a great networking tool, great way to see photos and what friends are up to now a days, and once you are their friend on Facebook, you can almost always stay in touch with them no matter where they go.