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Postal Victims Again!

As most of you know, I had my Christmas cards ready early, therefore I mailed them at the beginning of December. Well, the other day I received a very official letter from the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General.

In a nutshell, the letter stated the following:

1-The mail I sent on or about November 24th was rifled through and was discovered by the Bay Port Post Office. The envelope and its contents was investigated and then sent to the addressee on or about November 24th. There was a photocopy of the envelope included in the letter from the post office, therefore I know who received the Christmas card.

2-The individual responsible for rifling my mail has been identified and "no longer has access to U.S. Mail within the United States Postal Service."

3-Complete the Mail Loss/Rifling Report to ensure the post office can document any lost cash or item that was within the envelope. 

This letter was F A S C I N A T I N G to me because I mailed the letter on December 2nd, as the postmark states, not on November 24th. And, when I emailed my friend to see if she got it (as the letter from the post office stated) she had not received anything. 

Therefore, I emailed the person who sent me the letter and she answered most of my questions. Sadly, the letter sent wasn't completely accurate. 

1-There were multiple victims, and the mail was opened between November 24th and December 3rd. I say, "Fix the form letter!"

2-The letter was not sent to the addressee but is in the hands of the Office of Inspector General until the case has been adjudicated. Again, I say, "Fix the form letter!"

3-The letter can be returned to me, which I have requested because I want to see what is missing and how long it takes the government to handle this situation!

This is just one of the reasons why I don't want the government taking control of my health care!