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Rockwell & His New Ball

Ever since Rockwell and I have known each other, he has had a purple jolly ball and he loves it. It's a basketball size ball that is very very hard. It is made of plastic but it doesn't bounce well and Rockwell pushes it across the yard with his nose. There is an area in which the ball is "plugged" shut and Rockwell tries to pick up the ball with his teeth using the indented plug area. Quite often he is not successful, but he does keep trying.

Rockwell's purple ball has been stuck under Dan's shed platform that takes up part of our driveway. Since the snow has fallen, the ball is there until the spring when we can move the platform, so I bought him a new jolly ball for Christmas the other day. I'm over wrapping presents, so I gave the ball to him when I bought it. The new ball is red and huge. I haven't measured it yet, but I think it is the 14" size. (The purple ball was 10").

It's fun to watch Rockwell with his ball in the snow because when he rolls it across the yard, it gets more snow covered and gradually gets larger like a snowball you roll in the snow to make a snowman! Then he attacks it with his mouth and breaks off the snow. One year we came to the conclusion his lip or tongue got stuck to the frozen ball (just as Flick's tongue got stuck to the pole in the movie A Christmas Story) when there was a bit of blood on his lip and on the snowy ball! Don't worry, it didn't even phase him!

To my surprise, Dan took photos of Rockwell and his ball outside the other morning!


Rockwell licks the snow off the ball.





Rockwell tries to bite the ball to pick it up. 

If you have clicked on the jolly ball link above, you'll see that there is a "Rockwell-like" spokesdog at the bottom, proudly displaying his jolly ball! And although they seem expensive, both jolly balls are worth the money. The soft ball is indestructable. Rockwell has teeth marks all over his Tug-n-Toss but the ball has not deflated or fallen apart and it doesn't squeak!