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Those Kids!


The other night when I came home, I went to get the mail as usual. And as usual it was dark outside. When I arrived to the mailbox, dimly lit by our Christmas Lights from the lampposts, I noticed our mail box door was missing and the "back door" of the mail box was also open. There was mail in the box, and mail all over the ditch behind the box. It had rained and then snowed so the mail was nice and frozen. I thought I could break it apart like a saltine cracker. I brought it inside to dry and thaw. 

I then went back outside, armed with my headlamp to investigate the situation. I located the mailbox door, it was in the road, completely torn off of the mailbox. The door in the back was fine and I closed it. I found one more piece of mail in the ditch and then discovered our mailbox had been vandalized! I'm thinking it was a baseball bat that made the big crack on the side! I will admit the box held up pretty well, the door can be reattached, but must be carefully opened. The flag is completely missing but we don't use it too often and It gets frozen to the side in the winter.

My internet search lead me to what the US Postal Service suggests, and I think I'm going to take them up on that offer today!  I have a few things to mail at the post office, so I am going to start with getting the form!

Those kids today! I have never taken part in a mailbox smashing, and I don't think my husband has either. I know his family was victim of mailbox vandalism because now they have a mailbox made out of diamond plate and galvanized steel and it has held up through the years!

I know how much a new plastic mailbox costs because I have not purchased one, but 2 for my mom! I just bought her one a year or so ago for Christmas. She's always "dreamed" of having a plastic mailbox and I got her one. Since she's moving, she asked for another one, which I had sent directly to her house! Maybe I'll ask for it back when I visit at Christmastime!


Those kids! We are on our second mailbox because of those kids. They took the top right off of ours. Ahhhh!

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