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As most everyone knows, I'm throwing myself a 29.5 birthday party in January at the roller skating rink. I just got most of my invites out this week and have discovered a TYPO! Nothing major, the invite is completely usable/readable/understandable with the typo, but I know it's there. Not sure if others will notice it, and if they do, they will most likely say nothing to me.

Why is this so frustrating, well, because checking for and noticing typos is part of my every day job. But what is worse is when I work on my own "projects'. I check and double check and triple check and ask other people to check and then I find an error! I am 100% responsible for this error and I think I know how it happened.

I'm a key command junkie. I rarely use my mouse in my programs, I use all of the key commands. Command P to print, Command C to copy, T for my type tool. I have the majority of the commands memorized including Select All, Move to Front, Move to Back, Show Guides, Hide Guides, Show Frames, Hide Frames, Show Invisibles, Step and Repeat, etc. This has backfired on me several times. And I'll try to explain why.

The type tool is the letter T and if I am already in the "type tool mode" and press the T key again, it will actually type the letter T wherever my cursor is. The letter T is my typo for this project. There is a bright side, 1-I printed 2 invites per page, therefore, only half of them are incorrect. 2-I had to print a few more invites because I didn't have enough (yeah, this Par-Tay is going to be huge) so it is possible the majority of the invites are fine, and it's just the extras that were misspelled. Comment and let me know if this is true or not.



hey car
i do that ALL the time!!
you aren't the only one.
where are you working now?

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