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A Thorn in My Foot

The other morning when I let Cletus in from outside, I noticed a small stick was stuck in his collar. This is just classic of my old wise dog. He is always wandering into the woods. Often times he comes out with sticks, burrs and leaves stuck on his fur. He is our wandering old man.

Cletus walked passed me as I opened the door and he continued into the kitchen as I followed him. My breakfast popped out of the toaster and I went past Cletus to get my hot english muffin. I ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed my teeth, packed my lunch, medicated the dogs and then went back into my bedroom to put on my shoes to go to work. As I was walking back into the bedroom, I stepped on something. I screamed, "Ouch!" and looked down at the floor to see what I stepped on. I wasn't able to find anything right away, so I got on my hands and knees and rubbed my hand across the floor. I came across a stick. the same small stick that was in Cletus' collar. It was only about 1/8" in diameter and 3 1/2' long, but upon closer examination, it had thorns on it!

I spent many, many years as a child trying to avoid the "picker bushes". Whether it was my grandma's rose bushes or the shrub in the woods my sister and I got into when we went to cut wood with my dad, we did everything we could to avoid the scratchy, thorny branches. And now, today, as an ADULT, and INSIDE my home, I stepped on a picker bush!