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Nesting Teaser - Pregnancy Update #36

October 28, 2009

I was just complaining to a friend the other day that I am ready for the nesting instinct to kick in. She informed me it already has! I assured her she was wrong because I had no desire to clean. She said it was not only cleaning, but organizing and getting ready for the baby. I still disagreed with her. I did go through tubs of clothes from my sister this past month, but I didn't really enjoy it. It was somewhat of a hassle to me - unpacking, sorting, washing, hanging and putting away. Well, I'm pretty sure I just experienced my first nesting teaser today.

I was late for work today because I HAD to clean out my bathroom drawers. I had been pondering this thought for a few months now, and I do it about twice a year, purging all sorts of useless products and samples, half open bottles of this and that and tossing old makeup and personal products, washing the bottom of the drawer and baskets I keep everything in and putting all the useful items back in the drawers.

Well, this morning was the morning to get it done. I was working as fast as I could, but I was unable to stop and put the project on hold while I got ready for work. I knew I was running late, and I knew it was beause of this cleaning spree, but I couldn't stop myself from cleaning and force myself to get ready to go to work and get there on time. This feeling of craziness came over me and I had to finish the project! I cleaned two of my three drawers and left the third for another day. I knew I would be really late if I tackled the third drawer. I finished getting ready for work and was on my way.  

On my way to work, the extreme organization and desire to throw things away was still in me! I cleaned the center console of the truck while driving to work! Tossing wrinkled napkins, organizing the coupons, flyers, pizza deals and rearranging everything so it had its own place. When I got to work that day, I thought the nesting instinct would continue, but it did not. Somehow I had satisfied the urge!

When I got home from work that night, I had no desire to clean my final bathroom drawer, so I set my alarm 15 minutes early for the next morning. I got up early and cleaned that third drawer.

I haven't had the desire to clean or continue any other nesting rituals since then. I'm thinking this was just a teaser and I am again ready for the motivation to clean to kick in once again!