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Tums - Pregnancy Update #37

Last night, for the first time in my life, I took one Tums antacid. I've heard and read many women experience heartburn during pregnancy. I don't think I've ever had heartburn in my life. I even asked my husband if it really felt like your "heart was burning." I've had no burning heart feelings, but lately I've had a gross thing going on in the back of my throat. It doesn't seem to be brought on by any certain food item - last night I had PB&J and a Fiber Bar - so I usually tolerate it until it goes away.

A while ago I had some TUMS that I probably got as a free sample, and I took them to work thinking someone at work may need some heartburn relief. I grabbed a roll and tossed it into my purse about a month ago, thinking maybe I would need this in the future based on the information I had read about heartburn and pregnancy. I forgot all about the little antacids, until last night. I pulled out the roll and had to read the directions for use and dosage! The instructions said to "chew 2-4 tablets as symptoms occur, or as directed by a doctor." I was very hesitant, so I sucked on one green tablet. Ten minutes or later, I was "cured."

I'm thinking since my heart never felt on fire, maybe this is acid reflux? Who knows, but my one tums tablet brought me relief.