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I Caved - Pregnancy Update #43

I've told several people that my daughter has so much stuff that I am not going to buy anything unnecessary until after she is born. Necessary items such as a crib mattress and changing pad and wipes and nursing pads were purchased, but up until last Thursday, I haven't purchased anything we didn't need for her.

Then I went to Target. And while looking at the Christmas items, I saw the cutest stocking. I looked at it and said, "awwww" to myself as I touched it. It was so cute and pink and soft. I knew we didn't NEED this stocking, she may not even arrive before Christmas, but I wanted it. It took me about 30 seconds before I put the $2.99 stocking in my cart and immediately I felt guilty. I knew I should put it back because I made a promise to myself that I would not buy any unnecessary items. I couldn't even justify it being only three bucks!

As I walked through the store and nabbed a few more items on my list, I told myself when I get to the register I would just tell the cashier I changed my mind and didn't want the stocking. But then I said "the heck with it!" I have a gift card, she can get a $3 stocking and it will be fine. I was so excited when I got home and decorated for Christmas to hang it up with the other stockings on our shelf. It looks too cute!



Very cute...just needs a name now...;)

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