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Wall Artwork

I've never liked that our kitchen and living room share a wall. It makes painting each room a different color very difficult. When we painted our kitchen a year ago, I had big dreams to put a large stripe on the kitchen wall - from floor to ceiling - to tie in my kitchen wall artwork.  But, I picked out a paint that had a sand paper texture and I was concerned it would be difficult to repaint the wall, if necessary, due to the different textures next to each other.

My next big dream was to "build a frame" around my existing wall artwork and paint the frame the same color as the kitchen walls. I always have "great ideas" but rarely do I know the "best way" to implement these ideas. I thought about using plywood as the backer and mounting my frames onto it, then the talk of that being too heavy made me think of luan and finally, after a good solid year of thinking, I decided my best, cheapest, and most lightweight idea yet would be canvas.

I picked up a roll of primed canvas at Blick Art Materials in Dearborn. I only needed about a 4'x4' piece to complete this project, but I had to purchase a roll of 63" x 3 yard canvas. With the help of a tape measures, chalk line and sharp scissors, I cut my canvas to size. Then, my husband cut a frame for me out of 2" trim we purchased at Lowe's. I used a staple gun to tack the frame together and to tack the canvas to the frame. I painted the frame and canvas the same color as our kitchen walls. A touch of measuring here and there, some laser level lines, a few nails, and voila, my wall artwork is complete, tied into the kitchen and looking rather sharp!

Here is the wall artwork before.



Canvas purchased for the project.



Ready to paint the new canvas frame.



The completed project!