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Getting Old

The other day my friend told me she felt old because she was scheduling an open house for her almost three-year-old daughter to attend preschool. I chuckled because this is her second child, and she is younger than me. But I also had an 'old' moment and I shared it with her. I recently purchased a pill box at the store. Lately I've been awful at taking my daily vitamin, so I thought a box showing the day would encourage me to take it. So far (on day four) it is working.

Speaking of old, Rachel had her 15 month check up last month. She's 19.8 pounds and still under the 10 percentile. She is always laughing. The simplest things make her laugh and it is always great to have her around. Just the other day I went to get her out of the car to go to school and noticed she had a nice green slimy booger on her forehead. She often sneezes in the car, and that day's sneeze must have brought up a booger that she then smeared onto her forehead. She thought it was hilarious when I wiped it off of her face. She just giggled and laughed! 

Yesterday when I went to see her at school she had a blanket and was wrapping any animal/baby item she could find up. Then she would hug it and carry it around. 

We picked up a large plastic ball for her from the store the other day. She just laughs when she carries it around and laughs even harder when you throw it to her. We're working on making sure Rockwell realizes and knows this is not his ball to play with, since it looks a lot like his purple jolly ball outside in the yard. 

I've taken her to the park a few times and she loves the swings. She enjoys going down the slide but hasn't quite mastered sitting on her butt to slide down. She tried to go face first a few times and then I caught her. She went face first down a very small indoor slide at school and had rug burn on her forehead. We have a slide in our yard that she climbed up the ladder and then decided to let go and rolled off the side.

Tonight is a big night for us. Rachel is a closet pacifier girl. She doesn't have a pacifier in public, nor in the car, she only has one at night when she sleeps. I've determined 15 months is too old to have one, so I'm taking it away from her tonight and we will never see it again. I know it will involve crying and sadness, but I'm hoping I can be strong and do it! And by Monday we can tell all of her teacher's she is a big girl and done with the pacifier.